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2016 Winners

Union Gas Student Essay Scholarship: Devon Gavan

Union Gas Student Essay Scholarship: Devon Gavan

“I was always leaning towards engineering,” said Gavan. “I like that there’s always new innovations coming out, and mechanical engineering is concerned with building machines and technologies that could help.”

Judges' Choice Award: Maestro Mine Ventilation

Through their ventilation control systems, their clients report energy savings averaging 30 per cent.

Export Award: Centric Mining Systems

“Don’t be afraid to start as a global company and then bring your product home. The world is a small place now.”

Entrepreneurial Community of the Year: Northern Centre for Advanced Technology

“If you want to fly anywhere in the world and see what’s next in mining, you get off the plane in Sudbury.”

First Nations Business Award of Excellence: Waubatek Business Development Corporation

“We have always believed that there is a lot of potential, there is a lot of opportunity and there are services needed."

Innovation Award: Haasen Farms Ltd.

“I see this as a demonstration to the rest of the business world in Northern Ontario how innovative agriculture is,” Frank said.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Pipat Sripmolphan

“A visit to one of his establishments is a showcase to his hard work, dedication and excellent service.”

Entrepreneur of the Year: Pat Dubreuil

“The whole idea behind my business plan is to position Dubreuilville for the future, and I really think that the future is based on a tourism economy,” Dubreuil said.

Company of the Year (51+ Employees): Tulloch Engineering

“As a company, we’re always looking for that next market. Even when some of our core markets are soft, we’ve got a team approach to diversification that has allowed us to grow in other areas.”

Company of the Year (16-50 Employees): Morin Industrial Coatings Ltd.

“You always want to keep setting that bar high in order to stay competitive,” said Morin.