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2010 Winners

Union Gas Student Essay Scholarship: Casey Postill Howard

Union Gas Student Essay Scholarship: Casey Postill Howard

“I would love to see Thunder Bay become a city at the forefront of environmental sustainability…"

Judges' Choice Award: Salt & Pepper Catering

“We make and use quality fresh ingredients,” Thomas said. “Nothing is frozen or pre-made from a box, and salads are mixed when we get there. We offer it at a good price and it makes us popular.”

Entrepreneurial Community of the Year: The Township of Terrace Bay

“We always keep in touch and let each other know what we are doing,” Notarbartolo said. “We tell the government that the projects benefit the places around us.”

First Nations Business Award of Excellence: Manitoulin Physio Centre

“The Island has been a great community to us, it’s been very accepting and welcoming community from a professional standpoint, and M’Chigeeng as well has embraced one of its own with open arms.”

Innovation Award: Century Systems Technologies Inc.

Auger attributes much of his success to his people, all of which are from the region, and many of which had sought their fortunes elsewhere before looking for opportunities to return home.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Krista Hedican

This work is emblematic of Hedican’s ability to defy expectations. This is particularly true as a young woman in a male-dominated industry, something of which she is acutely and constantly aware.

Entrepreneur of the Year: Ahsanul Habib

“It’s been a team effort. I put my neck out but all the major trades and investors, who had faith in me, helped make this happen.”

Company of the Year (51+ Employees): Cook Engineering, A Division of Genivar

“We don’t have a lot of turnover, and there’s a core group that has been here for a long time and are enthusiastic about what they’re doing.”

Company of the Year (16-50 Employees): Rector Machine Works

“We want to be profitable and successful, but it all boils down to the personalities and the people running the business, whether it is management or the people on the floor.”

Company of the Year (1-15 Employees): RES Equipment Sales

"My hope is that the exploration projects that are close to Dryden will really enhance our opportunities here to become solidly entrenched as a major supplier to our area.”