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To submit nominations, fill out the form below, or contact:

Jasmyn Rowley
Director of Marketing & Communications, Village Media
[email protected]
855-998-2464 ext.1112

Abbas Homayed
[email protected]
705-673-5667 ext.1325

Nominations are closed

For more details on the NOBA award categories, visit the Awards page.
To see our sponsors and learn how you can take part, visit the sponsors page.

Eligibility criteria

All nominees must have a fixed physical presence in Northern Ontario (three-year minimum). Consideration will be given to innovation nominees who have developed a new product or emerging technology more recently. A minimum of one year must have passed if the nominee has undergone a major expansion. For the purpose of these awards, Northern Ontario is measured from Parry Sound to the Manitoba border. Non-profit or charitable groups, government agencies and institutions are not considered businesses and are only eligible for the Entrepreneurial Community of the Year Award. Nominations can be reinstated for one year if updates are provided.

Selection process

  • An independent panel of judges, which changes each year to represent the various areas of the North, adjudicates the Northern Ontario Business Awards. The panel of judges will be solely responsible for the review, evaluation, and selection of award winners. The Judges and Staff of NOBA sign a nondisclosure agreement to ensure confidentiality of your company business plan information. The decision of the judges is final.
  • Winners of these prestigious awards will be featured in a profile and video, which will be published on and Village Media’s additional Northern Ontario websites, including, SooToday, TimminsToday, BayToday and ElliotLakeToday.
  • All entries will remain the property of the Northern Ontario Business Awards Program.

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