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2017 Winners

Union Gas Student Essay Scholarship: Sarah Yeo

Union Gas Student Essay Scholarship: Sarah Yeo

"I feel a true connection to the environment and want to ensure that I do my part for a sustainable future, and I hope to educate others to do the same now and in the future."

Judges' Choice Award: Bucket Shop

“Our business is only as good as our people,” he said. “So the mission to continue to try and attract the best people we can find is paramount.”

Export Award: Fuller Industrial

With a mix of projects in both domestic and international markets, the future of Fuller Industrial is looking very active for the foreseeable future.

Entrepreneurial Community of the Year: Northern Ontario Mining Showcase

The showcase provides an incredible exposure for small to medium-sized companies and organizations to promote their products, services and expertise to a global audience.

First Nations Business Award of Excellence: Attawapiskat Enterprises

“What we’re trying to do is make sure everyone has the opportunity and everyone gains. It’s trying to spread and share the wealth and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to participate.”

Innovation Award: Rudnicki Indusrial

Trained as a machinist, his 6,000-squarefoot Dawson Road machine shop is where Rudnicki’s creative juices for tinkering and natural acumen for tackling mechanical problems can flow freely.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Jeff Greco

“There’s lots of competition, but there’s a large opportunity as well, because we’re able to provide these services for a lower fee, essentially due to our location,” Greco said.

Entrepreneur of the Year: Hard-line Solutions

The foundation of their strength lies in being able to customize their products and services to meet customers’ needs. And the best way to meet that need, according to Siggelkow, is a pragmatic approach: hire people that are like-minded and trustworthy.

Company of the Year (51+ Employees): Gin-Cor

“Success comes from surrounding yourself with good people,” Stang said. “Drawing on the expertise of mentors, such as seasoned experts in the business community, including our customers, friends and family, is crucial for positive reinforcement.”

Company of the Year (16-50 Employees): Ramakko's Source for Adventure

Even in the face of competition from box stores, national chains and online shopping, Brian says they have amassed a reputation for local knowledge and decades of great customer service.