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2013 Winners

Union Gas Student Essay Scholarship: Jessica Serre

"The environment gives us the wood to build our buildings, it gives us the fossil fuels we burn to create energy, it gives us the soil we grow our food in, and it gives us every single element that we need in order to survive."

Judges' Choice Award: North Bay Computer Services

"We have a good team. They work super-hard. I'm lucky."

Export Award: KBM Resources Group

"Everyone is a salesperson or has the capacity to be."

Entrepreneurial Community of the Year: Canadore College

"It takes a real partnership at all levels and all sectors to make us work really well. We do appreciate them."

First Nations Business Award of Excellence: Young Forestry Services

"We have people from Moosonee and Quebec and whenever we go into an area where there is a First Nation community, we try to hire from there."

Innovation Award: Millson Forestry Services

"No business is complete if it doesn't have the next generation coming along to spur new ideas and take things in different directions."

Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Nico Taus and Frank Chartrand

"Northern Ontario has been great, because you have a sense of community in Northern Ontario."

Entrepreneur of the Year: Jeff Fuller

"I set big goals; some of them I know how I'm going to get to them, some of them I don't know how I'm going to get to them, but I set them and then I stay focused on them."

Company of the Year (51+ Employees): Central Welding and Iron Works

"If something is emerging that will make you more efficient, and you don't embrace it, you will drown in this industry."

Company of the Year (16-50 Employees): Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa

"I go by intuition and it has never steered me wrong, but always in the right direction. I have to come up with something different and unique and that is where the idea of the spa came in."